Islamorada Founders Park Ampitheater
Islamorada Founders Park Ampitheater
Islamorada Founders Park Ampitheater


Our Mission


ICE, a 501C-3 not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to enhancing local arts and supporting young artists. ICE accomplishes these goals by bringing quality entertainment and cultural events to Upper Keys residents and providing art, music, and dance scholarships and grants to local students and in-school programs. 

 ICE subsidizes most events to keep the prices within reach of everyone.  In addition to the many free and low cost events, ICE also provides arts workshops with professional artists in local Keys schools and venues. ICE also provides venues for young artists to present their talents.

ICE student arts enhancement grants and scholarships are used by students for a variety of purposes including:  funding private instruction, purchase of musical instruments and art supplies, music camps, dance lessons, college prep, etc.

  ICE program grants fund in-school music, visual arts, video production, theater, and dance programs.

 This is only a partial list of what ICE does for the community. Through generous donations, ICE has presented the Keys with the crown jewel performance venue:  the beautiful TIB Amphitheater. ICE manages this venue free of charge and brings to our islands a river of amazing events.  

 ICE believes that the support of the arts is integral to the health and well being of society, and that children raised with a rich exposure to the arts will grow to be more compassionate adults.



Islamorada Community Entertainment

For General Information:
Call: 305-394-2765